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Welcome to CFX Markets! We provide a trading platform for alternative assets, including public non-listed REITs and Limited Partnerships. We bring the option of liquidity to the millions of investors who invest nationwide in the alternative investments industry. Our secure online platform makes it easy and efficient to sell your asset. We provide transparent pricing and ready access to information to enable sellers to make informed decisions as they seek liquiity for their portfolio.


CFX Markets give investors a chance to sell their alternative assets, giving more power to the investor.



Interested in selling your Alternative Investment?

We work with all major REITs including:

American Realty Capital
Behringer Harvard
CNL Lifestyle Properties REIT
Griffin Capital
Hines Real Estate
InvenTrust Properties Corporation
KBS-CMG Real Estate
Resource Real Estate


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Reasons sellers seek liquidity options

There are many reasons that a Seller seeks liquidity, but the “FOUR Ds” illustrate most of the reasons that investors are looking to the Secondary Market to sell their non-listed Alternative Assets.


CFX handles all aspects of liquidating Alternative Investments held in Estates.  Ask us about our Valuation Services.


CFX works with attorneys and representatives from both sides to help create a liquidity event that is satisfactory to all the involved parties.


CFX understands that many Sellers are looking for cash due to unforeseen financial reasons.  Liquidation of an Alternative Asset is often the only option.


Some investors are just “DONE” waiting for K-1s or other tax information and would just prefer to liquidate their asset. Others may find they want to invest their money into other asset classes or find a better price than a mini-tender offer.

Whatever reason you may have for selling your non-listed REITs and LPs, the problems are the same: The market is fragmented and inefficient and the transfer process is complicated.



CFX Markets is committed to assisting Sellers solving their liquidity needs and overcome the market inefficiencies and the complicated transfer process that follows.  Our on-line platform is designed to streamline the document execution process and reduce the time it takes to release proceeds to the Seller. CFX Markets is a leading independent secondary market auction provider for the alternative asset industry.


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