How To Buy And Sell A Minority Position In A Non-Exchange Traded Asset

November 27, 2017

Changes in securities rules along with the lack of technology around such change made this trading platform want to redefine how alternative investors and their advisors buy and sell previously illiquid assets.



Originally published on Nov. 14, 2017. You may view the original article here.

CFX Markets, the trading platform for alternative assets, was one of the bronze sponsors for this year’s ADISA Annual Conference, recently held in Las Vegas. The tech company is currently redefining how alternative investors and their advisors buy and sell previously illiquid assets.

An online secondary market, CFX Markets provides a secure online trading and settlement platform to facilitate transactions of non-listed alternative investments from start to finish. Under the leadership of managing director / head of technology, and tech veteran, Juan Hernandez, the technology team is constantly rolling out new developments to improve and streamline the various user type experiences, including e-signature functionalities and open bidding.

sell a minority non-exchange position recently chatted with Hernandez about the creation of the platform, about the technology and more in this exclusive Q&A on the subject. What made you and your business partner, Jordan Fishfeld, think to create CFX Markets?

Juan Hernandez: Jordan and I were both fascinated with the first change in securities rules to make investments more accessible, and the complete lack of technology around such change. We are working together to create a solution that allows investors to buy and sell their minority position in a non-exchange traded asset simply and with the look and feel of public market transactions. How is CFX’s technology helping investors access these properties? (speed, accessibility, transparency)

Hernandez: Traditionally, investors could only invest in a project that was being turned over, i.e. purchased by a new manager or operator, or in a public REIT. Our technology allows investors to buy and sell a position in a property at any time during the life cycle of the project.  We use traditional marketplace technology with new integrations to make this type of buying and selling possible for the first time ever. How is the growing interest for real estate investments influencing the needs for greater liquidity options and technology?

Hernandez: As more and more investors participate in alternative asset ownership, specifically real estate, many will come to require liquidity if an unexpected event occurs. Our platform, using distributed ledger technology and secure APIs, allows these investors to access a broad base of buyers to provide the most competitive and quickest liquidity option ever available. Additionally, as buyers chase yield and primary market offerings sell out in seconds, our platform provides a unique opportunity to access a real estate deal when much of the project is already complete.


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