The Seller Process: Fast Facts

August 9, 2017

Take a Look at the Top 5 Questions and Answers About the Seller Process




At CFX Markets, we are committed to keeping the selling process simple and transparent. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of fast facts to assist you with your decision to partner with us.

1. Can I get price quotes without providing identifying information for myself? Submitting pricing requests is fast and easy using our convenient online submission form. However, you are free to contact our trading desk at 888-925-4888 to obtain price quotes without disclosing seller information.

  • I’m a financial advisor, do I need to provide my client’s information to get a price quote? No, your client’s information is not required to receive a price quote. You can submit the pricing request form using “Client” as the seller name or give us a call at 888-925-4888.

2. What documents do we need to list an asset? All you need is a photo ID and your latest account statement for the asset. From there you can fill out a Listing and Sale Agreement that spells out all the necessary steps to list your asset on our platform.

3. How long does a listing last and how will I know when the asset is sold? A typical listing runs from 3 to 5 days and is sold during the first listing. You will receive a confirmation of sale letter via email when your asset has sold. 

4. How long does it take to receive my sale proceeds? The transfer of funds is completed within 1-2 weeks of the sale unless your account is held with a custodian. In this case, the sale proceeds will be sent directly to the custodian within 2-3 weeks for further disbursement of funds.

5. How will I receive my sale proceeds? Your net proceeds will be sent via USPS as a certified check to either your mailing address or your custodian’s address. If the funds are transferred to the custodian, you will have the option to withdraw the cash from your custodian account. Another option is an electronic ACH deposit or wire transfer, however additional fees will apply. Keep in mind that electronic ACH deposits and wire transfers are only available if your account is not held with a custodian.

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