Seller Process
Ready to get started with selling your alternative asset? CFX Markets is committed to making the process of selling and transferring your asset simple, efficient and transparent.
Submit a pricing request form
To get started with the listing and selling process, we need to gather some information about you and the asset you are seeking to liquidate. Please complete the pricing request form (on the next page) and you will receive pricing information on your asset and learn more about your liquidity options.

Sign a listing & sale agreement
During this step you will review all the terms of the listing of your asset. We provide you with recent historical trade prices for your asset, but as the seller you determine the price targets for your asset. CFX Markets allows you to select both a target price and a reserve price, giving you the best of both worlds - transparent pricing and efficient execution.

Transfer is processed
Once your asset has been listed and sold on the platform, your proceeds are held in escrow until the shares have been transferred to the new owner. Our digital platform allows us to complete the settlement process in a timely and efficient manner.

Still have more questions? Read our Seller's FAQ or you may also reach out directly to our Trading Desk at (888) 925-4888 (toll-free), or via Live Chat.

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Third Step

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Forth Step

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